Portable Hemlock

-- we have everything but the tub

Hemlock is an Emacs-like editor which for a long time was a part of CMUCL. It was believed that it is tied to this particular implementation of Common Lisp. But this is no longer true.

So, here is Portable Hemlock! An attempt to free Hemlock from its CMUCL prison.

The stuff that works is opening files, editing them and saving your work -- what you expect from an editor. Lisp mode works too. Missing is: tty mode operation, typescript buffers (inferior shell and inferior lisp), spell checking, netnews and mail.

Portable Hemlock was tested in:

CVS access

Anonymouns CVS access is available. Just follow the instructions below:

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@common-lisp.net:/project/phemlock/cvsroot
$ cvs login
Logging in to :pserver:anonymous@common-lisp.net:2401/project/phemlock/cvsroot
CVS password: anonymous
$ cvs co -P phemlock


Portable Hemlock now is finally hosted on common-lisp.net.
I was a bit lazy updating the web page. Here is what happend:
Bug fix: auto-save.lisp was not compiling.
This web page was created.

New release having the SBCL patches in.

Portable Hemlock was announced to #lisp.
I made initial attempt to port Hemlock from CMUCL. Then put it aside to work on other stuff.

Random Notes

The source code of Hemlock showed unportability (or better its age) in the following areas:

This already summaries pretty well the current state of Portable Hemlock. You can edit files using the X11 interface on an ANSI CL which provides for CLX.


The next steps I have in mind are:

After that is done, we can talk about extending Portable Hemlock in various ways like syntax highlighting, color, new modes, ... you name it.

Gilbert Baumann